Aboveground Storage Tanks Vapor Recovery Executive Order VR-301-A

ARB has developed Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) standards for vapor recovery system using Aboveground Gasoline Storage Tanks (AST).

ASTs are used to store gasoline throughout California. These tanks are typically used in agriculture, construction, maintenance and emergency response operations. Local Air Pollution Control Districts usually set permit conditions for ASTs within their jurisdiction, to control emissions and prevent groundwater contamination. Emissions from ASTs vary depending on their type, size and configuration. A significant amount of emissions from ASTs is caused due to evaporation. These losses are known as standing storage (evaporative) loss or breathing loss. Heating of the tank by the sun causes fuel to volatilize and vent to the atmosphere. These evaporative losses increase with higher temperatures. Evaporative losses from ASTs are a significant source of hydrocarbons that contribute to the formation of ozone throughout the state. However, control technology exists that can limit evaporative losses from ASTs.

The ARB Approved Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual for the Standing Loss Control Vapor Recovery System for Existing Installations of ASTs describes the tools and methods required to install the EVR System. Including a white paint, Ponderosa Paint's 2600 Enviroclad DTM Polyurethane Mastic with a VOC of only 10g/l.

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